FCC & Homeland Security Begin Tapping VoIP

You know, say what you want about Orwellian dystopias — at least murky and nightmarish Big Brother states in the realm of fiction tend to front the thought police surveillance bill.

Not so Homeland Security or the FCC. They’ve ordered broadband providers to comply with wiretap access requirements by 2007 and pick-up all the associated bills. For some companies, this could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Of course, everyone knows by now that the “Internet wants to be free!” meme was just so much cybertronic granola packed up some naive futurist’s butthole.. Still, it’s discouraging to see VoIP go the same route as all other forms of communication: another government finger dipping into the pool of our thoughts to double check their tepidity.

In Brief: FCC tells broadband firms to pay tap costs [Physorg] (Achtung: Intellitext bukkake within!)

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