Consumers Are Manic Depressive

Unable to decide whether the economy is good or bad, the Chicago Tribune settles for a resounding, “Yes.”

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


The equal voice given to such diametric views serves as a testament to the Trib’s editorial integrity.


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  1. QuasiInformed says:

    Feelings & Behavior — different things, often in opposition. Slapping wire service stories unedited into newspaper — lazy, but not lacking in integrity.

  2. Do we have a time-stamp on the second article? A lot has changed since 6:38 AM CDT…Stores don’t open until 8 or 9 AM usually…

  3. Ben says:

    I love that the first line for each story talks about gas prices.

    I’m guessing the guys they asked about “consumer confidence” are scraping pennies together to guy gas, the ones going shopping are driving spankin’ new Cadillac Escalades and planning their summer in the Islands.

  4. battra92 says:

    Well, the Drive-By media reports day in and day out how bad things are. People at work listen to the drive bys and cry and whine about the price of this and that while they drive their new (2year old or less) SUVs and giant sized pickup trucks (ya know, to their OFFICE jobs) and then blame the president for the price of bread (which they consume in abundence)

    Then there sits me, the little conservative guy wearing shirts from Penny’s clearance rack, carpooling a few times a week and sticking to a budget which allows me to buy what I want while still saving for the future.

    I think everyone should be born poor (I don’t mean welfare poor or trashy poor, I mean working poor.) It really teaches you a lot when you grow up and become more successful.