Succumbing to Shirley Temple’s Deadly Charms

The children’s toy industry apparent refusal to stop putting lead in jewelry products lends itself to this morning’s best lede: “The good ship Lollipop has some unsafe cargo.”

20th Century Fox launched a recall of charm bracelets included with Shirley Temple DVDs after the studio discovered they contained high levels of lead, reports the LA Times.

This marks the sixth recall of lead children’s jewelry in the past three months.

Among the charms recalled were pigs (pictured) and lollipops, all manufactured in China, says the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The affected DVD titles include, Curly Top, Heidi, Little Miss Broadway, Baby Take a Bow, Bright Eyes, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, The Little Colonel, The Littlest Rebel, and our personal favorite, Dimples.

Unlike that charlatan leprechaun hack, these charms really are magically delicious.

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