Upgrade Travel Unravels The Hotel Metasearches

The Upgrade Travel blog has posted part two of its “Disaggregating The Fare Aggregators” series, this time taking on hotel metasearches and putting them through their paces.

Kayak, Farechase, Sidestep, Mobissimo, Qixo, Bezurk, Pricegrabber and Searchparty were all deftly probed to see which was the easiest to use and gave the user the most options and the best prices.

The result? As in flight aggregators, Kayak came out on top. So it seems like there’s little reason to go anywhere besides kayak.com if you want a good all-in-one travel aggregator. Of course, why bother? We’ve never really found these services to be even half as good as doing about five minutes of research on your own.

Hey, Upgrade Travel! You should do rental car search engines next.

Disaggregating the aggegators Part 2: Rating the hotel metasearches [Upgrade Travel]
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