Avian Bird Flu Got You Down? Don’t Reuse That Surgical Mask!

The oncoming avian flu pandemic is set to turn our nation’s metropolises into apocalyptic nightmare cities filled overturned buses, conflagrating skyscrapers and Starbucks filled with corpses whose doorways have been hastily marked with a chalk cross; where the only sound will be phlegmatic hacking, the ululation of orphans and the incessant tolling of a hand-rung bell.

With that in mind, the Institute of Medicine has some words of wisdom on proper health procedure in the face of horrific pandemic: don’t reuse your disposable CVS brand surgicalmasks! Like underwear, they should not be worn two days in a row.

Actually, they seem a bit skeptical of the efficacy of using masks in general, wryly noting: “If indeed these masks offer any benefit, it is for preventing a sick person from spreading the virus through coughing and sneezing.” In other words, if you see a cute girl walking your way wearing a white safety mask, be warned: that’s Typhoid Mary herself.

The IOM then goes on to comment on the importance of washing door knobs.

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