Best Buy Pranked By Blue Shirt Horde

80 members of the Improv Everywhere troupe dressed in blue polos and khakis and pranked the Best Buy store in Manhattan.

They stood around, answered customer’s questions and acted nonchalant, until the store caught wise, started screaming “Thomas Crowne affair!” and the cops showed up.

More crimes against humanity, after the jump…

Here’s “Agent Simmons” (photo: far left), report:

    “I was lingering near the audio equipment at one point when a middle-aged couple asked me if I knew the price of some speakers. I looked for a price tag and then read $99.99 labeled on the shelf by the product. I said “$99.99?” Unsure. And they pointed out, “No. That is the price of the wireless speakers”. “Oh”, I said “Maybe it’s been labeled wrong.” The man said, “Well, do you work here?” I said, “No,” but I thought they looked like good speakers. They looked puzzled.

    Just then an actual Best Buy floor clerk approached me:

    Employee: “You can’t talk to my customers”.
    Simmons: “I’m just having a friendly conversation with these people”
    Employee: “But you don’t work here.”
    Simmons: “It’s a free country I feel I can speak with anybody I choose.”
    Employee: “You’re playing some games.”
    Simmons: “I’m just here to shop with my wife.”
    Employee: “Yeah, you and your 50 friends?”
    Simmons: “I don’t know anybody else here.”
    Employee: “Yeah, you’re instigating (sic) our shirts.”

    I told him, “I’m only wearing what I wore this morning,” and walked away.

    A little while later, an older woman with a handful of products walked past me at one point muttering to herself, “Everyone in this goddamned store is wearing a blue shirt and nobody knows a thing!”

Read more: “Mission: Best Buy.” See more: Flickr set. [via Gizmodo]


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  1. krcasey says:

    Good times.

  2. Smoking Pope says:

    Sure, it’s funny when they do it at Best Buy, but when I impersonate a surgeon everyone gets all pissy and freaked out.

  3. hiphopnerd says:

    “Whorde”? – is that a teeming crowd or throng of whores? Why aren’t they scantily dressed??

  4. QuasiInformed says:


    Fred “The Ogre” Palowakski

  5. Ben says:

    I’m just sorry I didn’t think of it first.

  6. Timbojones says:

    I still have my red vest, the uniform from when I worked at Egghead Computer Surplus. It’s great material and really works well in a pirate costume, which I wear more often than you might expect.

    Anyway, once I wore my red vest to Home Depot, shopping for some garden tools I think. 3 customers came up to me during the course of my visit asking where something was, to which I replied each time, “Oh, I don’t work here.” It was very odd, especially because Home Depot employees wear orange aprons, not red vests.

  7. rikomatic says:

    Congrats to the organizers for a prank well played. So brilliant.