Most Popular Posts of The Week

The $60,000 iPod ad. Who knew a whole bunch of iPods knocked over in domino fashion would become an internet sensation? We did.

UPDATE: Requiring Minimum Credit Card Purchases is a Violation. The story comes to a final, ridiculous conclusion and and Amy’s Ice Cream and The Consumerist let one another taste each other’s sundaes. Not surprisingly, ours has hidden chunks of real barbs.

Little Girl Molested By Wal-Mart Sex Offender, Gets $25 Gift Certificate. Now that’s customer service.

Man’s Airline Complaint Resolved (What a Juicy Headline). Who knew customs officials bosses were so friendly and responsible?

Save Gas and Drive Time With the Power of Numbers. It takes a guy a year of collecting and analyzing data to figure out if he leaves home and work at a different time than most people are driving, his commute is faster. And he’s got the insane statistics and pretty graphs to prove it!