The Flying RyanAir Horror Show

Although I personally love RyanAir for allowing me to fly anywhere in Europe practically for free, I’ve known enough people who’ve worked behind the scenes to know it’s a pretty horrific company to work for — or even fly with — if you know what they know. Cheapness, apparently, doesn’t come cheap… it comes with a huge cost in customer service and, more importantly, competence and safety.

With that in mind, marvel at this BBC expose of RyanAir. It’s 45 minutes long, so you might leave it running in the background and listen to it. But what I’ve seen of it so far makes me want to spend a few extra euros on a ticket next time I fly the friendly Irish skies. These guys are going to have a horrible disaster one of these days.

I haven’t watched more than half yet, but one thing that’s interesting: crew have to pay for their training, which they happily do, because it’s literally the only way they feel they can get a job in air travel. For Irish pilots, it’s even worse.

Disturbing Ryanair safety/training video expos

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