Sic Crocodile Dundee on these Marketers

You’ll need a gator-skinning knife to slice through this hogwash.

Officeworks in Australia advertises in large type an HP product for $599*. At the bottom of the ad, the mouseprint reveals the product to be sold for $699, but there’s a $100 rebate.

Here’s the rub: the rebate isn’t located in the store but a consumer has to actually call HP or scour the HP website to find the rebate form. The rebate form is three pages long and requires you to offer up your bank account for the direct deposit. It also makes you play a grandmaster game of Sudoko to determine the rebate code.

Disclaimer: the previous sentence was a joke. Does the New York Times make jokes? Sure, but they aren’t funny haha, but funny like misleading marketing.

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