DoubleShot to Starbucks: “Sit and Spin.”

Good news! Our favorite grumbly cup-of-joe-slinging coffee shop owner has delicately lifted his forearm, extended his middle finger in the direction of the Starbucks’ corporation’s threatening sphincter and politely suggested sitting and spinning on the proffered digit.

We refer, of course, to DoubleShot Coffee Shop owner Brian Franklin from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who was slapped with a cease-and-desist because Starbucks claimed it owned the term “doubleshot.” At first, Brian reacted the only way he knew how — by tearing off his clothes, smearing his body with bull’s blood and lifting his head to the sky to release a primal, obscenity-laced scream of defiance. Then, he meekly considered capitulation.

But now the Brian we all know and love is back. With the help of his lawyer, Franklin composed a lovingly crafted “go fuck yourselves” email to Starbucks and it’s now available as a Flickr photoset. There’s a great summary of why Starbucks’ claim on the word doubleshot is nonsense, a comparison between DoubleShot Coffee’s business strategy and Starbucks’ and this brilliant denouement:

    If your letter was, as we suspect, a ruse in an attempt to gain leverage over DoubleShot Coffee Company so that Starbucks could cheaply purchase or demand an assignment of its website, pleased be adviced that DoubleShot Coffee Company will entertain an offer to purchase the domain name, but any offer should be for a purchase price of not less than $1,000,000.

DoubleShot’s Response To Starbucks [Flickr]
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