Eerie Severed Hands Teach Whispy Mustachioed Belgians About Pickpockets

What better way to be taught about the dangers of airport pickpocketing than reaching into your purse and finding the waxy cast of a disembodied human hand lurking within?

This campaign, initiated by Brussels Airlines, attempts to alert careless travelers to pay better attention to their surroundings by dropping a plastic hand with a message about theft into the particularly vulnerable pockets, open bags or purse of travelerss. But we think this campaign may very well be too clever for its own good. After all, if you were wandering around Brussels Airport and knew there was the chance that you could walk away with a really cool rubber hand to put on your mantel, use in your sadomasochism dungeon or simply drop into a men’s room toilet, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make yourself a mark?

PickPocket Guerrilla [CoolzOr]


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    As they say in Dutch “Let op zakkenrollers!”

    Beware of pickpockets!

    Zakkenrollers is such a cool name. Maybe that’s my next screen name.

  2. Das Ubergeek says:

    Maybe this is just me, because I grew up in and around New York, but when I feel someone reaching for my bag or my pocket, that person usually ends up in a significant amount of pain. Someone tried to smear sauce on my jacket in Europe last week and I grabbed the offending wrist, twisted it around, and growled, “¿Vols morir?”, without even really thinking about it.

    One wonders whether the Brussels Airlines authorities had thought about the possibility of their little sneaky freaky hand-planters being physically confronted when caught.

  3. matto says:

    Waking up after a particularly savage night of partying in the bacchanalian capital we call Antwerp, I was distressed to find one of these in my pants. The truly distressing part was that the Evil Hand had somehow made off with my underwear.

  4. OkiMike says:

    Is it just me or are there a lot of Europeans on the site?

  5. matto says:

    There aren’t, its just the scary rubber hands, typing away…