Who Sucks the Most: Best Buy, CompUSA, Frys, or Circuit City?

[H]Consumer bought 4 computers from 4 different retailers and compared and contrasted the experiences. Then he made a diorama using this week’s vocab words.

Of the four, Best Buy, Comp USA, Frys, and Circuit City, the last one seems to have lucked out by having a technician fill in for a sales clerk that day.

A poignant look at the waning world of brick n’ mortar sales and further proof that you should never walk into a store without being armed with the appropriate info. More often than not, the sales drones are a hindrance and have to be waved off.

That’s why we invented The Shopper’s Friend, an inflatable decoy you strategically deploy around the store to lure sales reps, giving you ample time and head space to make your own informed purchase decisions. Simply toss the capsules on the ground as you wend your way to your item’s area and within seconds a confused looking consumer pops up with their pants around their ankles and a bundle of credit cards dangling from their neck. No matter what color their colored polo shirt, floor reps won’t be able to resist giving these doppelgangers the ol’ spiel. By the time they realize their prolix oratory falls on plastic ears, you’re well on your way to the checkout line.

“Retail Computer Purchasing Experiences” [HConsumer via Digg]

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