Blimpie Pops

You would think they would treat the Blimpie Important Person cardholders with greater respect. Dmitri writes in his woeful tale of instead of being given the red carpet treatment he deserves, having to stand in the bitter cold by the velvet roast beef ropes outside of Club Sandwich Time.

As a side note, The Neptunes should totally do a remake of 50 Cent’s banging track and call it “In da Sandwich Club.”

Read Dmitri’s plight with extra angst and hold the smiles, after the jump…

Dmitri writes:

    “I am a Blimpie Important Person cardholder. This elite status allows me to receive one free 6” Blimpie Sub, for every 7 I purchase. As an added bonus, Blimpie emails me a coupon for a free sub on my birthday, which happened to be this past Monday.

    Today at lunch, I was jonesin for some roast beef, so I decided to take my free-sub coupon to the Blimpie by my work, which I usually visit at least once a week. Upon arrival, I ordered my sub, asked them to drop some fries, and poured myself a soda. As the cashier was ringing me up, I proudly presented my coupon. Let me add that the soda and fries, which are part of the combo you can get for an additional $1.50, are not included in the deal, so I would have to pay the regular price of $3.50 for them. Not a big deal, because one of my favorite things about Blimpie is the made-to-order Boardwalk fries, and I would still be saving $2-3 off the regular combo price.

    However, after presenting my coupon, I am told that they do not except it. This was strange I thought, because they do participate in the BIP card program. I know, because I get my card stamped every time I go there, on my quest for the holy-grail that is the 8th free sub.

    I ask to speak to the manager, figuring he would clear this up. To my spirit-crushing surprise, he too refuses to accept my coupon, pointing out that it says “At Participating Locations.” I reminded him that they participate in other aspects of the BIP program, and asked why not this one. Then he really dropped the bomb, saying that they are discontinuing all aspects of the program, which I think was bull shit because I had just gotten my card stamped last week, and no one mentioned this to me. Feeling totally rejected, and not at all like a Blimpie Important Person, I put down my soda, told them to keep their fries and sub (which had both been made at this point,) and walked out.

    So here is the recap: the owner could have accepted my coupon, allowing me to save a few bucks, which probably cost him a few cents worth of bread, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and meat, and solidified my status as a frequent customer and a BIP. Instead, he chose to be a dick (I forgot to mention the tone he took with me – like I was telling him to empty the register with a gun in his face,) throw away the food they had already made, and loose a frequent customer, because I guarantee I will never set foot into that Blimpie again.

    I know it’s not that big a deal, considering it’s only a few bucks, but damn it, it’s the principle of it. I AM A BIP!!

    Thanks for letting me rant,

    Dmitrii P.

    Gaithersburg, MD”