Mickey D’s Unveils New, Healthy, Pile of BS

As part of their ongoing campaign to throw a smokescreen of fatty molecules in the face of humanity, McDonald’s will offer a new, “healthy,” adult happy meal.

The meal features a premium salad, along with bottled water or soft-drink and one of four workout DVD’s, while supplies last.

It’s not salads but $1 burgers that have led to a turnaround in McDonald’s sales, however, according to an article in today’s Times, “Salads or No, Cheap Burgers Revive McDonald’s.”

Will the DVDs be as good as the bottle of Dasani featured in the photo? Dasani is a bottled water product from Coca-Cola that, rather than coming from a verdant spring tended by lithe nymphs, is simply their normal tap water before they add the carbon dioxide effervescence.

Mickey D’s Free DVDs” [DVD Dossier Blog via Digg] (Thanks to Fred!)

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