Canada Flees The CRIA

We wish this analogy worked better: “Like a loathsome foreign body forcibly ejected from its host…” Then we’d follow the aposiopesis with the news that six Canadian music corporations have left the CRIA largely due to its policies towards copyright and DRM. Unfortunately, CRIA stands for “Canadian Recording Industry Association,” so when six of Canada’s largest record companies forcibly eject from the body, it only leaves the virus in control of the host.

Canadian independent music labels Anthem, Acquarius, The Children’s Group, Linus Entertainment, Nettwerk, and True North Records have all pulled out of the CRIA, feeling that the organization had simply become the Canadian extension of the RIAA’s anti-DRM, anti-artist, anti-technology lobbying group.

“It has become increasingly clear over the past few months that CRIA’s position on several important music industry issues are not aligned with our best interests as independent recording companies,” one fleeing company wrote. Another said: “We do not feel that we can remain members [of CRIA] given CRIA’s decision to advocate solely on behalf of the four major foreign multi-national labels.”

Ouch! Michael Geist, who we’re linking, sums it up most excellently: “As CRIA increasingly battles artists and collectives on private copying as well as Canadian recording labels on approaches to promote Canadian music, it will become increasingly clear that CRIA does not speak for the Canadian music industry. It is time for policy makers and government leaders to see CRIA for what it is – a copyright lobby group that represents the interests of foreign corporations.”

Removing the C from CRIA [Michael Geist]

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