Nu Txt Msg Scm

We received two complaints today from Elizabeth and Melba who received a a new text message spam/scam.

A messager identifying themselves as “501” sent this: “ 2 go/You just WON a S@tellite TV System AND a HDTV Reciever From the Dsh NetWork !!! Call 800 923 9037 Now Claim your Prize.”

We called the 1-800 number a few times. It picked up, was totally silent and then hung up after 10 seconds.

Both the complainants say they have no idea how they received the message. One of them said she doesn’t give her number out to many people.

Phone spam, the new scam scourge?


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Jason writes:

    “I had a T-Mobile account and when someone sent e-mail using the e-mail-to-SMS gateway (e.g. it showed up as a nonsensical 5xx address (so you could reply to it as a short code of sorts) and was formatted as “fromaddress/subject/body,” truncated to 160 characters of course.

    Most people don’t publish their phone numbers online in such a way, but it seems all too easy to send spam to millions of phone numbers just by guessing likely combinations of area codes and phone numbers in blocks.

    I had T-Mobile service for 2+ years and never got any spam via SMS, other than offers from T-Mobile themselves from which you can opt out. Hope this sheds some light on the possible cause. “

  2. Timbojones says:

    I’ve had T-mobile service since they were Voicestream, and also have never had any SMS spam.

    Hopefully this doesn’t become common. Most American cell phone plans have a limited number of free incoming text messages; any beyond that cost 5 or 10 cents each. It would suck royally to pay to receive spam.

  3. e says:

    I have T-Mobile and I’m one of the people referenced above. I don’t have free text messaging and will be charged for this spam. It sucks!