Tax Man Tells How to Best Him

Andrew works for the IRS and he writes us about The Taxpayer Advocate, a handy, free service to help you with the arcane and seemingly hopeless tax troubles.

    “[It’s] independent of the IRS (although functioning with it), whose function is to assist individual taxpayers with one-time or ongoing problems that cannot be resolved through normal channels. The office represents taxpayers’ concerns and interests, by:

    * Ensuring that taxpayer problems which have not been resolved through normal channels, are promptly and fairly handled;

    * Identifying issues that increase burden or create problems for taxpayers: Bringing those issues to the attention of IRS management and making legislative proposals where necessary.”

“What’s more,” writes Andrew, “The Taxpayer Advocate is outspoken and is concerned with the rights of low-income people (you can google this – their report to Congress earlier this spring was openly critical of some IRS procedures.”

Check it out: The Taxpayer Advocate

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