AT&T Tries To Seal Docs About Secret Spy Rooms

As you all know, AT&T is currently fighting a class action lawsuit leveled against it by the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, claiming that AT&T has been working with the Bush Administration to secretly spy on millions of Americans without warrants.

Is it true? We don’t know. But the EFF have filed three papers from an AT&T technician of 22 years which allege that AT&T have built secret rooms in their call centers around the country, funneling internet communications and telephone calls into a data mining system designed by Narus which processes them for unspecified red flags.

Now AT&T is arguing that the release of these papers will jeopardize their business, giving hackers information on the network that will allow them to disrupt the network. They aren’t arguing the veracity of the contents. They just want the documents sealed and returned to AT&T.

Sorry, AT&T — that’s not a luxury you should have. If you want to stomp down on evidence that indicates you are violating the constitutional rights of millions of Americans, you’d better damn well pony up evidence that you haven’t done any such thing, not simply try to quash the evidence that you have.

AT&T Seeks to Hide Spy Docs [Wired]

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