Send Us Your Tax Nightmares!

Awaiting April 17th is like waiting for a circumcision, the only comfort being that, two months from now, you might get a small portion of your foreskin back. So we’d like to take the next few days here at The Consumerist to concentrate on tax stories… specifically, your tax stories.

Have you had a nightmarish mix-up with the IRS? Dealt with an incompetent or crooked tax preparer? Been screwed by H.R. Block? Seen stories about other people’s tax nightmares on other sites? We’d like to hear about it.

As always, our email address is Send ’em in — we’ll do a round-up of tax stories on the 17th, just to stoke in our readers the clammy sickness that grips the gut just before a kick to the testicles, or Tax Day, is imminent.

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