Contest: Neologify Your Consumerisms

We’re holding a contests to smith fake words and witty definitions within the topic of consumer affairs.

It’s so good to see a misogynistic and xenophobic streak, continuing in the vein of a great American tradition. The only thing better than mocking difference is mocking similarity.

Here are some of the latest entrants in this circle of death, after the jump…

: The marketing industry’s continuing crusade to insert more ads into every good and service we partake in. [Justin McElroy]

Oprahsuaded: To persuade someone, most likely a woman, into believing, buying, eating, reading or doing something that Oprah says is good. “You bought the latest Oprah’s Book Club book? You are so oprahsuaded.” [Focosi]

Banga-Lore: Epic stories of frustration with a “customer care” representative who has trouble understanding American English; often correctly assumed to be working in a call center on the Indian subcontinent. [J]

Blogundig: A wordplay on on the Dutch talkunding, referring to bloggers tendency to invent ridiculous words and phrases that simply have caught on due to the viral nature of the internet itself, but not due to any particular merit in verbal usage. [mrscolex]

Eventually, we’ll vote on the best and then pit them against Gawker bro blog, Valleywag, who are doing the same contest, except, you know, for nerds who are going get ludicrous rich after Google buys their pedophile social networking site. So far their best entry seems to be from Consumerist regular, Rick Dobbs, who coined Dot Mom: The woman who has a husband whose money she’s using from his Web 2.0 startup to buy the Escalade and keep the nanny around 24/7, even though she doesn’t work.

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