Chipotle Serves Man With Broken Pinata of a Burrito

Daniel reports receiving a very flawed Chipotle burrito for lunch today. The preparers failed to strain the liquid in his salsa, causing his burrito to ‘flood.’ Despite ‘visual communication of disappointment,’ the handlers sent it for wrapping.

That’s where the real trouble started.

Bursting burritos, pustulent piles of homogeneous Mexican delights, and the men who feel indifferently about them, after the jump…


Daniel writes:

    “Dear consumerosos,

    I work for a small word of mouth research and planning company here in New York near the Chipotle on Sixth Avenue (near 20th). Some co-workers and I bought some of their competitively priced burritos for lunch today, and I had a problem with my burrito.

    The courteous staff followed all my ‘line’ requests – half rice, pintos, no lettuce, and so forth, but when it came time for the green salsa, which I find agreeable, well… they did not take the time to strain the liquid from the salsa, flooding my burrito. I made it clear through visual communication of disappointment anguish, and pain that they had screwed up my burrito, but they did not seem to care, they just sent my burrito down to the wrapping personnel. This is where it got worse, as they wrapped my burrito and I witnessed leakage at all creases.

    The initial burst of fluids ran onto the prep board, but still the burrito was wrapped. It wasn’t even a clean wrap like I’ve seen from the pros at the Chipotle in Washington DC (Wisconsin Ave location.) It was a wrap so bad, I thought they were going to call for a re-wrap. When I went to the register after seeing my soaking wet burrito under foil, I politely asked the gentleman what was there policy if a burrito was leaking all over my hands, bag, and shoulders. They said, they would be happy to re wrap it, but I chose not to have this done as its already disgusting enough, the amount of ‘mixing’ that goes on inside a burrito, i don’t need someone to peel the burrito wrapper off and scoop the insides into a new shell. This has happened to me before, and I would rather throw up on the sneeze guards than eat a re-wrapped burrito.

    Let’s get some corporate guidance on this one. And get me a couple of McDonald’s breakfast burritos in remuneration con Picante Sauce Hot.”

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  1. That’s a horrifying story. My one hope is that an Ethiopian child somehow stumbles across this post. Hilarity ensues.

  2. DeeJayQueue says:

    So wait. You didn’t say anything when they put too much water in your burrito, didn’t say anything when they wrapped it and it was leaking, and only barely said something to the cashier, the only person who really can’t help you? Then you declined to have it re-wrapped?
    If you and your coworkers were there and you weren’t last in line, there were people behind you, and since it’s New York at lunchtime, I’m guessing it was pretty busy in there. The people working the line at Chipotle probably don’t care much about how your burrito goes together, as you said yourself it looks pretty horrorshow on the inside. Add to that the stress of the lunch rush and I can totally see how something like this could happen.
    I’m sorry your burrito leaked, but there are 500 other people’s burritos that didn’t leak, or who didn’t mind if they did. McChipotle doesn’t care about you, especially if you’d rather whine about it after the fact than say something in the moment and have it done right.

  3. LTS! says:

    Usually after watching a cackle of morons prepare my food in a manner that completely violates all of my wishes I find that the next best step is not paying for it. Imagine that.

  4. Jesse says:

    Last burrito I got at Chipotle had a chicken bone in it. Alas, I was already back in my office at that point.

  5. KevinQ says:

    Daniel wrote:

    I work for a small word of mouth research and planning company here in New York

    What is that, like a viral marketing company? I hope that burrito leaked all over your laptop.


  6. Anabelle says:

    That’s hot!

  7. non-meat-stick says:

    possibly the lamest story I’ve read on consumerist

  8. matto says:

    I posit that this entire story is a viral marketing campaign for White Castle

  9. AcidReign says:

    …..I can’t imagine walking into a place named “Chipotle” and actually eating anything! This particular ingredient is quite possibly the most overused spice featured by restaurants in the 2000’s! It’s basically a smoked halapeno. This takes some of the hot out of it, and replaces it with a sort of dirt-like taste. Yippie. It’s far easier to crack some black peppercorns, which have a similar hotness, and they have a much, much better flavor!

    …..Having said that, I realize that some folks do not have the same picky tastes as I do. Still, if I’m at a Subway-style eatery, and they do something awful to my food, I have the option of threatening, and then stepping out of line. They don’t have my credit card or cash yet, damnit!

    …..”I’m not paying for that!” will get their attention. Every time.

  10. sanloublues says:

    There’s more than one Chipotle on Wisconsin Ave nowadays.

    And after trying to prove this online, I have another consumer question. Why do only a small percentage of websites consider DC?! It’s not a state you retards!

  11. Aoife says:

    What I think is more disgusting is you trying to get me to go into to Taco Bell barefoot. Crossing the line of /sanitary/.

    I just think the whole fastfood ordeal is gross.

  12. Ben Popken says:

    After the first few seconds, the burning sensation in your bare feet is replaced by the endorphin generating penetration of cleaning fluids, grade D meat and extruded Fire! sauce.

  13. Grady says:

    AcidReign – Picky, as you use it, must not mean refined. Kinda sounds like you’re writing a review of the Chipotle pepper for EBay or Amazon, complete with mispellings and bizarre comparisons. Oh yeah, and exclamation points. Can’t forget the exclamation points.

    The other point, about just not paying for it, is a good one, though obvious.

  14. dukerayburn says:

    I’ve gotten a leaky burrito from Chipotle before, though from unstrained black beans. In fact, when I uncovered the burrito at home it had developed signs reminiscent of internal bleeding. Then, half-way through, the bottom section burst open. I would have been upset if it weren’t so damn exciting.