Cheap Ass Gamer’s 360 CSR Horror Story

Over at Cheap Ass Gamer, we saw a nightmarish Customer Support story of which we’re positively covetous. It features everything you could hope from an unsatisfactory support issue: a blubbering CS department outsourced to a Texan Down’s Syndrome group home. The suggestion that the customer could fix his problem by buying more of the company’s stuff. Expensive replacement systems going missing in the mail. The wrong product being sent back to the customer. Calls from customer support telling the customer that the unit they just sent to him wasn’t actually fixed. And, all in all, a two month wait time from initial report of the problem to resolution.

The company in question was Microsoft. The product? An XBox 360 core system, after it crashed. It got our hearts in a flutter just reading it — why don’t we get more accounts like this emailed to us? We sort of fashion ourselves the GhouLunatics of customer service horror stories; we hate being trumped by a site with the word “Ass” in the title.

Xbox 360 Customer Support – One Man’s Story [Cheap Ass Gamer]

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