Halliburton’s Worst Company in America Prize is Ready

Our package from Teacher’sDiscovery.com finally arrived. This was a big deal, as it meant we were finally able to give Halliburton the crowning glory it deserves for winning our month-long “Worst Company in America” competition.

The packet contains 36 ‘Science Award’ certificates.

Should be enough.

19 people comprise the Halliburton board of directors, corporate officers and public relations office, all of whose addresses are found on the company website.

Large version of the certificate, suitable for framing, after the jump.

Oh meint godt, it’s so beautiful!



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  1. mand0 says:

    nicely played

  2. GenXCub says:

    It needs a gold star sticker on it… they earned it.

  3. GenXCub says:


  4. don_mynack says:

    You forgot to add “As voted on by a bunch of ignorant douchebags” to the bottom of that.

  5. Ben Popken says:

    Don, we can send you a Science Award, too, if that will make you feel better.

  6. Melsky says:

    Finally, something I voted for wins.

  7. Smoking Pope says:

    @Melsky: Finally! We’re proud of you, Mr. Gore.