Why Does Ronald McDonald Hate Black Children?

The Chicago Sun Times reported on the exorbitant amount of fast and junk food advertisements that dominate black-oriented television networks like BET. They compared them against the junk food ads on the WB and the Disney Channel. Here are the results, for children’s programming exclusively:

About 66 percent of the fast-food ads were on BET, compared with 34 percent on WB and none on Disney. For drinks, 82 percent were on BET, 11 percent on WB and 6 percent on Disney, and for snacks, 60 percent were on BET, none on WB and 40 percent on Disney.

The article also mentions that kids ingest an extra 167 calories for every hour of television they watch. Wait until they start drinking beer.

Study: Ads on BET heavy on the fast food (Thanks, Media Orchard! We stole your image.)

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