The Consumerist Goes to IKEA

The Consumerist went shopping for a couch at IKEA this weekend. We made a tight little movie about it.

Will they find Swedish meatballs? Or will their dreams to have something cushy under their bums wait like a fjord?

(runtime: 4:48)


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  1. nweaver says:

    For the love of Peets, don’t get couches at Ikea. They are great for lots of things, as long as you can pack it flat. You can’t pack a couch flat, ergo its not so good place for couches.

  2. mrscolex says:

    Maybe gawker media should hire a cinematographer.

    For a second I thought i was watching the bourne supremacy.

  3. Scott says:

    Holy crap, you filmed yourselves shopping, and decided to put it on your website? Why? What’s the point?

    I watched it, thinking maybe you were going to offer consumer tips & info, but no, just Joe Sixpack & Sally Housecoat deciding they *must* buy a couch at Ikea, but not deciding which one to get. Wow. Why do you hate us?

    Are you really that starved for content? Well, aside from Ben, I mean, because he certainly isn’t “starved” in any sense of the word…..

  4. Ben Popken says:

    Someone woke up on the wrong side of the umlaut this morning.

  5. The Comedian says:

    Did you go for the one with the Strinne green stripe pattern?

    What sort of couch defines you as a person?

    All joking aside, was the bus you rode the shuttle from Manhattan to the Jersey IKEA?

  6. Ben Popken says:

    Oh yes. IKEA super shuttle is the magic fun ride.

  7. Anabelle says:

    Well, I for one would like to thank you, Ben, for convincing me that I will never want or need to go to an IKEA, ever. That was some of the most lame and atrocious looking furniture I’ve ever seen! Colors that make you want to puke. Flimsy as hell. Rejects from the “Jetsons” prop department maybe. And don’t you have to assemble it all yourself? So just what is the big deal about that store?
    Sign me, Puzzled in Providence