Wal-Mart Hates Gay Cowboys

According to an anonymous source, Wal-Mart expects to get a large number of customer complaints about Brokeback Mountain, set to be released tomorrow.

Our tipster writes:

    “My husband is a assistant manager at a Wal-Mart here in North Carolina. I personally hate Wal-Mart and all that they stand for, and refuse to shop there (and haven’t in almost a year).

    While having dinner last night, I asked him if Wal-Mart was going to carry Brokeback Mountain when it’s released on DVD on Tuesday. He said that he had just gotten an e-mail (sent to all the upper level-managers) that “due the controversial nature of the film” they were expecting to get a large number of customer complaints. The e-mail went on to say that the “corporate office does not want ANY manger to attempt to address the complaints and to refer all of them to an 800 number at the Arkansas office.”

Says Wal-Mart, “I will quit you, Jim.”

UPDATE: We just called our favorite Wal-Mart (Liberty, Missouri) and they will be carrying the film. The customer service specialist said that headquarters decides whether or not to pull a film based on complaints. Sometimes, he said, they will do so by geographic area, such as only from northwest Missouri. The representative said he’s logged four complaints so far.

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