Morning Deals Round Up

• Today’s Woot! is the Infocus Screenplay 4805 DLP Home Theater Projector for $805. A decent, but far from spectacular price. For a few hundred more, you could move into the 720p native displays and be set for HD content for the next few years.

• eBags, which normally has pretty okay prices to begin with, is having a site-wide 20%-off sale.

• And of course, the Amazon Friday Sale. Our suggestion? The heretofore unknown Komachi Tomato Knife.

• The Apple Store has the Sony HDR-FX1 HD camcorder on sale for $2k—normally they are near $3k. Now, we’re betting that this discount will be replicated elsewhere soon, as these first-generation HD cameras are displaced by newer, 1080p-capable models (if you don’t know what that meant, you don’t care), but it’s still a great price for a very nice camera.

Highlights from Dealhack

Save up to 40% off over 70 Wine Selections at

Hawking Tech 8-In-1 Flash Memory Card Reader for $14 at

Ultra Mini Bluetooth Headset $40 at