Flip Off An H2 And Be An Idiot

When we’re not encouraging you to call up and harass low paid Wal-Mart employees about purple ribbon they’ve been saying truthfully they sell all along anyway, we try to preach responsible consumerism.

Don’t like a product or a company? Boycott it. Call the company and tell them why. Write letters. Post on your blog. Try to act like someone who doesn’t view being a consumerist as sticking it to the Man for idiot giggles, but someone who honestly wants products and companies to do better, who wants their experience as a consumer to be markedly improved. In other words, start a dialogue.

Which is why we hate this site: Fuck You And Your H2. Their mission? To get everyone, everywhere to give the middle finger to every owner of the General Motors H2. We’ve never quite understood the sort of person who sits around in a froth over someone else’s possessions, but whatever. As you sift through, I swear to god, three thousand pictures of various giggling jackasses flipping a perplexed looking H2 driver off through the safety of their speeding car window, ask yourself how many of these guys bothered to actually try to illuminate an H2 owner on why the vehicle they legally purchased is so bad.

It’s not really funny. It’s not really clever. This isn’t consumer activism, it’s just consumer cow tipping. Fuck Fuck You And Your H2.

Fuck You And Your H2


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  1. Anabelle says:

    The pics do get tedious after the first four or so, but I like the idea of a worldwide movement to flip off Hummers. They make as much sense as those humungous, tacky McMansions that are being built among modest little Cape-style houses from the 1940s. Which is to say: none at all.

  2. Paul D says:

    Whatever man.

    I think this is a hilarious idea and a great way to encourage people to express themselves (hmmm…much like the jackasses who drive these behemoths are expressing themselves and their disposable income) and make it known that they oppose the conspicuous consumption displayed by owners of these utterly pointless vehicles.

    In a time when our priorities are so far out of whack that torching a few Hummers at the dealer’s lot gets you more jail time than rape, I see nothing wrong with joining these folks in saying “fuck you and your H2”.

  3. airship says:

    Too bad they picked the lesser of two evils as their target. The H2 is really just a Hummer-looking body stuck on a Chevy Suburban chassis. While the Suburban is a huge gas-guzzler, at least in its non-H2 incarnation it generally serves a useful purpose as a work truck or mini-schoolbus. A much better target for flipping off would be the H2’s big brother, the original Hummer, which sucks down twice the gas hauling around suburban Arnold wannabees with too much money, and as far as I know serves no useful purpose on God’s green earth.

  4. Amy Alkon says:

    I suggest printing up a version of the business cards I put on SUV windshields:

    “How many dead Marines did it take to gas up your tank? Stylish, aren’t you?” Put your email address on the card so people can respond to you. Be prepared for angry letters from environment-sucking assclowns.

    Here’s my earlier, funnier anti-SUV campaign (before I started seeing 19-year-old dead soldiers’ pictures in the paper all the time);


    Hope you don’t mind me posting the link. I’m all for people standing up and speaking out in any way they can — showing people they’re going to have a bad day from time to time — or often, if they drive an SUV. There’s an interview with Elizabeth Kolbert, who interviewed scientists in a three-part New Yorker series on global warming, in Wired this week. Yet another reason I salute those giving the finger salute to those Hummer drivers. I like asking them (unless they look like they might be armed) if their ass is too big to fit in a regular car.

  5. Amy Alkon says:

    PS In case you’re wondering, I drive a 1900 lb. hybrid Honda Insight, and have gotten up to 67 miles per gallon on the highway — driving from Santa Monica, CA to Palm Springs and from Santa Monica to Anaheim. (I get about 45 mpg in stop-and-go city traffic.)

  6. Grady says:

    I think they’re ridiculous vehicles. They’re even more ridiculous barreling down the extremely narrow streets of uptown New Orleans, a 4’8″ housewife at the helm. They must have a box of replacement rearview mirrors at home, because I’m sure they require replacement weekly. It’s also hilarious when two of them turn onto the same block at the same time heading in opposite directions. First, there’s a chicken contest, then the loser has to stop and back their deathstar up all the way down the block. Lord help you if you’re behind that one in a Mini.

    But, I’m with the consumerist on this one. Creating polarized opposites creates passion on both sides, which would lead to people having a stronger group identity as “Hummer drivers”. If you want less people to drive Hummers, you’re looking for the opposite effect.

    Besides, South Park has it right that the smug emissions from Hummer haters is as bad as the smog emissions from the cars themselves.

  7. Chris Gibson says:

    Well, I don’t own a Hummer, though I’ve nearly been crushed by a couple back when I lived in Florida (where the millionaires who don’t want to pay state income tax flock to as “residents”). But I’m no Prius-driving, save-the-Earth-by-using-electricity-that’s-made-by-burning-gas-coal-and-nuclear-materials tree hugger, either. I agree with the main post; perhaps you should start a site that gathers pictures of people flipping the bird to pictures of people flipping the bird to Hummers!

  8. JNelsonW says:

    Why is it so significant to you that it’s “legally purchased”? Obviously something being “legal” isn’t the final (or even a good) determination of it’s social desirability. I mean, you can legally purchase, like, five seasons of the Apprentice of DVD; but I can still make fun of you for it.

    Furthermore, whether to not “fuck your H2” is funny, its odd that you’re arguing, as you seem to be, that consumer activism all has to be deadly serious. I mean, “letter-writing”? Even if “fuck your H2” is lame, it’s a least fairly well-known, and thus surely more effective at highlighting objections to the hummer than a letter would.

  9. JNelsonW says:

    Moreover, this post and the accompanying comments are themselves an example of the site “starting a dialog”. Probably one of many its started.

  10. non-meat-stick says:

    well I’ve certainly flicked off a hummer before, but never taken a picture of doing so and then submitted it to a website. Nor would I waste my time looking at pictures of people flicking off hummers. Something about the word hummer that just sounds so relaxing though…

  11. GenXCub says:

    Damn… grady beat me to the South Park reference… but do those smuggers smell their own farts?

  12. AcidReign says:

    …..I’ve flipped off a Hummer driver from time to time, but it’s not about the environment. It’s about them not being able to stay in their Goddamned lane!

  13. Paul D says:

    Smugness is harmless.

    Smog is not.