Flip Off An H2 And Be An Idiot

When we’re not encouraging you to call up and harass low paid Wal-Mart employees about purple ribbon they’ve been saying truthfully they sell all along anyway, we try to preach responsible consumerism.

Don’t like a product or a company? Boycott it. Call the company and tell them why. Write letters. Post on your blog. Try to act like someone who doesn’t view being a consumerist as sticking it to the Man for idiot giggles, but someone who honestly wants products and companies to do better, who wants their experience as a consumer to be markedly improved. In other words, start a dialogue.

Which is why we hate this site: Fuck You And Your H2. Their mission? To get everyone, everywhere to give the middle finger to every owner of the General Motors H2. We’ve never quite understood the sort of person who sits around in a froth over someone else’s possessions, but whatever. As you sift through, I swear to god, three thousand pictures of various giggling jackasses flipping a perplexed looking H2 driver off through the safety of their speeding car window, ask yourself how many of these guys bothered to actually try to illuminate an H2 owner on why the vehicle they legally purchased is so bad.

It’s not really funny. It’s not really clever. This isn’t consumer activism, it’s just consumer cow tipping. Fuck Fuck You And Your H2.

Fuck You And Your H2

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