Benzene In Soda Is Cancerous

Watch out, that next can of carbonated fizzy water you guzzle could turn your esophagus into a tumorous pipe oozing with cancer and bile. The carcinogen in question is Benzene and according to Beverage Daily, benzene levels in most soft drinks are up to five times the World Heath Organization’s limit for drinking water.

Of course, the Coca Cola company isn’t quite so stupid to purposely add benzene to their sodas. It’s formed by a chemical reaction between ascorbic acid and potassium benzoate. Vitamin C and Preservatives, in other words. If you leave a can of pop out in the light, chances are it’s already starting to become laced with traces of benzene.

Benzene exposure is commonly associated with leukemia and a swath of blood disease. The sodas that are most risky to drink include such favorites as Fanta Orange, Hawaiian Punch, Mug Root Beer and Tropicana Lemonade. Luckily, IBC Root Beer and Cherry Coke aren’t on the list — we’re not sure we could live without those.

Not a big surprise. We’ve often recommended that the only healthy things to drink in today’s modern, health-conscious world is water, coffee and as much booze as your liver can absorb. You might want to think twice about reaching for that next Pepsi Vanilla.

Groups Want Sodas With Benzene Out Of Schools [Consumer Affairs]

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