Fry That Phish with PIRT

The next time you get an email from your bank, eBay, or even God, trying to scam your account information, don’t let your feelings get hurt, get PIRT: the Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination squad.

Phishing is the prevalent online fraud using spam to trick people into giving up their financial data. A volunteer organization of security professionals has formed PIRT to tackle the “last mile” of the internet scourge: processing reports and contacting site owners where the scam sites are hosted and convincing the admins to take down the phish sites hiding on their hacked servers.

Even before its complete launch, PIRT shut down more than two dozen phishing sites within a couple hours of receiving the reports.

You can submit phishes to pirt (AT) castlecops (DOT) com}. Other options, including software based ones, can be found here.

Don’t just catch and release that phish, bash its head with a rock.

Neighborhood Watch for Phishing Launches [ZDnet via Digg]

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