Doctor Sues to Telemarket Victims

Thanks to a chiropractor, ambulance chasers won’t even need a good pair of running shoes.

Dr. Kirtland Speaks is suing for his right to telemarket car accident victims. He claims that the Louisiana Board of Chiropractic Examiners regulations, preventing him from employing this marketing tactic, violate his freedom of speech.

The doctor planned to hire telemarketers to glean accident victims names and telephone numbers from public accident reporters. “The Board” found this was illegal under two Louisiana laws designed to protect patients and victims from solicitations.

The doctor just won a victory. At the suit’s start, he filed a “Motion for Preliminary Injunction,” asking the court to prevent the State from enforcing the don’t-telesale-victims law. A lower court declined the motion but Speak’s appeal to the 5th Circuit resulted in a ruling in his favor.

“Until Dr. Speaks’ case wraps up (which could be years), he and any other chiropractor can use telemarketers to solicit accident victims,” writes tipster Thomas W.

Buckle up.

UPDATE: You can call Dr. Speaks and tell him what you think at 972-898-0691.

Read More: 5th Circuit Opinion Number 05-30054 [pdf]

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