Continental’s Tagline Enrages Man, to Comedic Effect

Continental’s tagline always reminds us off that old jazz standard about heroin addiction, “Straighten Up and Fly Right.”

But Mark Duffy really doesn’t like the slogan. In fact, he loathes it. Why, Mark? Why? He writes:

    “FUCK YOU! This is my knee-jerk expletive EVERY time I hear this fucking awful tagline. NO, you work hard, and you fly right you flying fuckfaces. I will work any damn well way I fucking please. And
    correct me if I’m wrong here Contifuckingnental
    I believe it is in fact YOU who is flying the fucking plane, and therefore it is YOU who should fucking fly “right” you preachy fucks. Now, give my fucking Jack Daniels and hold the fucking ice.”

Mark is in a unique position to critique because not only is he a traveller, he’s a copywriter. Giving his perspective further weight, Mark also used to be an airplane.

Taglines are DUMB, #2 [Copyranter]

BONUS LINK: We stumbled across this bulletin board for Continental crew members to talk shop and warn each other about traveling scams, like the infamous “hot chick performs fellatio while her friend steals your wallet” con in Vegas.

Work hard, fly right, indeed!

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