How To Remove Starforce From Your System

In relation to our Starforce Accuses Critics Of Being Russian Mob post yesterday, reader SamC asks: “BTW, any links to starforce removal tools? (My computer is clean, but I clean up other computers for a fee. This would be pretty useful.)”

We’re glad you asked, Sam! As it happens, there is one: the Starforce Drivers Removal tool. It has some obvious drawbacks, though: it doesn’t always work and it’s released (extremely reluctantly and while simultaneously claiming that criticism stems from international piracy groups) by Starforce themselves. Before you go whole hog trying to pluck Starforce out of the bowels of your system, you might give it a shot.

But if you don’t trust the same assholes who infected your system to clean it up while calling you a member of the mafia and a pirate, you might have better luck just going deep into your system and deleting Starforce registry keys. Luckily, the Boycott Starforce site has a load of instructions up on how to do just that.

We’re sure this public service announcement for the benefit of our fellow mafia pirates will be helpful. Yarrr, Guido! Yarrr!

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