Busted Product Photo Contest: Winner!

“Long live rust and jagged edges.”

1st place goes to Laura Kicey (left), for her crumpled pink car. She wins a Gawker t-shirt.

Laura writes: “This car was found in the basement of my second favorite place to trespass: the old power plant in my town, Ambler, PA, right next to my top trespassing spot, the asbestos factory… It is the hot spot in town to unload that eyesore la-z-boy recliner or the uncooperative dishwasher.

Since I love photography so very much, I enjoy spending my time with busted consumer crap because they wear their histories on their beat faces… While there are certain products I prefer to buy new, like toothbrushes, food and underwear, as photo subjects, new stuff can’t stack up to the color, textures and general weathering of old crap.”

Laura has a bevy of tight photos up on Flickr.

Runners up below the big picture. Thanks to everyone who submitted their neat busted up pix. Some of these photos have stories behind them, which you can read here.

Click around and scroll through all the product carcasses.

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