Alma Beats Omaha’s Meat

Yesterday, Danilo wrote to say how pleased he was with the meat he ordered from Omaha Steaks per our Morning Deals recommendation. Today, Lara writes that even tastier than Omaha Steaks is Alma Meats.

Ribeyes are $6.25 and Kansas City Strips are $6.50 per 8oz. They offer a range of meats and cuts. Or, if you have your own cow, pig or deer, they will butcher-it-to-order.

Remember, just because they can’t afford fancy food photographers like Omaha Steaks doesn’t mean their meats aren’t as good if not better for getting your primal gourmand groove on.

Read the protein-drenched testimonial, after the jump.

Lara writes:

    “My husband and I think Alma Meats ( are even better than Omaha. His family, who live near Kansas City, have been getting their steaks and sausage from them for years. And now they have a website, and we can order online! Rapture, ecstasy,

    We recently had strip steaks from them, and they were fantastic! My
    husband ordered them over the phone, cut to order. Their attitude was, “We got cow. We got pig. How do you want it?” The shipping wasn’t cheap, but next time we may do 2-day, not overnight. When they arrived at our house, they were still frozen solid.

    Yours in mail-order gluttony,


Put one on the barby this weekend with Alma Meats.

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