Alma Beats Omaha’s Meat

Yesterday, Danilo wrote to say how pleased he was with the meat he ordered from Omaha Steaks per our Morning Deals recommendation. Today, Lara writes that even tastier than Omaha Steaks is Alma Meats.

Ribeyes are $6.25 and Kansas City Strips are $6.50 per 8oz. They offer a range of meats and cuts. Or, if you have your own cow, pig or deer, they will butcher-it-to-order.

Remember, just because they can’t afford fancy food photographers like Omaha Steaks doesn’t mean their meats aren’t as good if not better for getting your primal gourmand groove on.

Read the protein-drenched testimonial, after the jump.

Lara writes:

    “My husband and I think Alma Meats ( are even better than Omaha. His family, who live near Kansas City, have been getting their steaks and sausage from them for years. And now they have a website, and we can order online! Rapture, ecstasy,

    We recently had strip steaks from them, and they were fantastic! My
    husband ordered them over the phone, cut to order. Their attitude was, “We got cow. We got pig. How do you want it?” The shipping wasn’t cheap, but next time we may do 2-day, not overnight. When they arrived at our house, they were still frozen solid.

    Yours in mail-order gluttony,


Put one on the barby this weekend with Alma Meats.


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    Now I won’t have to let my sheep go to waste. I was afraid I was going to have to let them go feral.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Adam writes:

    “I ordered some stuff from Omaha Steaks for a Father’s Day gift 2 years ago and my father said they were great. The only problem? You get put on their calling list FOREVER… I had used my cell phone when ordering because I didn’t have any other phone at the time. Usually once a week after I ordered I would get a call from them with the latest deal they had going on. The type of call where they don’t let you interrupt to tell them that your not interested, they just keep blabbbing on and on. After repeatedly asking them not to call me and that the number they were calling was a cell phone, I resorted to telling them I was a vegetarian (I am). What did they say every time? “Oh, well we have this great deal on a vege package!!” Thats like offering to take me to a Brazilian Churrascaria where they have a seven course meal of just different kinds of meat, and when I say no thanks I’m a vegetarian, saying “Oh, well they have salad”. Because, you know, the only thing vegetarians eat are salad and green things. As long as there’s some lawn space to graze on the vegetarians should be happy! Not to mention that a meat house usually isn’t known for their quality vegetarian products and fresh vegetables. But I degresss. The whole point was, that no matter what I did, I couldn’t get them to stop calling me. Luckily I moved away from Texas and I got a new cell phone number. Maybe if you actually used their products instead of buying for someone else one time you wouldn’t mind a weekly update. But that doesn’t matter because they should remove you from their calling list when you ask them too.”

  3. ValkRaider says:

    What is the point behind having meat shipped to you from far away? They use a HUGE amount of styrofoam. Styrofoam is forever…

    They use a HUGE amount of resources (fuel, energy) to get that steak to your door.

    Why not just go to a local butcher and get a fresh cut of meat? You know – the only reason these meats are so attractive is because we have because used to shopping for meat at MEGA-grocery chains who buy their craptastic meat in bulk and display it for weeks pasts its good date…

    If you go to a small local shop they can tell you where their meat came from, how old it is, and give you the exact cuts you want. And you get to speak with an actual human, and some day maybe be friends with them…

    Buy digital cameras and MP3 players on the web if you want – but meat? Unless I am trapped in vegetarianland where there is no meat available locally – I am buying mine from my local store.

    Besides – I have found that the best flavored meat is vegetarian fed free-range all-natural meats. No hormones, no cows-eating-cows, no fast grow cardboard tasting meat. Free range, all natural, well aged and marbled meat. Yum.

  4. AcidReign says:

    …..A frozen steak doesn’t taste as good as even an old, grocery-store craptastic one. That’s the biggest drawback of either service. And then there’s the price. Alma’s price is quoted per 8 oz. That’s half a pound. Even my local gourmet butcher doesn’t charge $13 a pound (Before shipping!)for US Prime strips! That’s the Filet Mignon/Tenderloin price! And ribeyes are $8 a pound or less, or you’re paying too much!

  5. GenXCub says:

    If you live in a city that isn’t necessarily known for its livestock (I’m in Vegas… nothing lives in the desert), I’m sure the store-bought meat we have here has had to endure a similar amount of fuel resource in getting here. I’m not sure that argument can necessarily hold up in a lot of places.

    You talk about buying electronics online as being more acceptable than going to your local electronics store to speak with a human on its uses, but why? Maybe you could mention how that is different, or uses less styrafoam… or fuel…

  6. Bubba Barney says:


    Is that the same Adam from yesterday?