L. Ron Hubbard, In the Flesh, On a Boat

We would rather see the source documentary (The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard) rather than this so-so “re-edited for comedic effect” movie but it gives you a glimpse at the man who singlehandedly founded the popular money-swindling cult of Scientology. The very cult that’s going to sacrifice baby TomKat to bring about the resurrection of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

UPDATE: The original can be seen here. (Thanks to Ryan!)

At least baby TomKat will look so cute in its little sailor suit!

The garb Hubbard sports places the video after 1967. Between 1967-70, L. Ron appointed himself “Commodore” of a fleet of Scientologist-manned vessels, roaming the Mediterranean waters. Here, he and his followers donned naval garb and formed the religious order , “Sea Org,” which subsequently became the inner-circle management of Scientology.

Wikipedia sayeth:

    “Consumer Reports, in August 1951 assessment of Dianetics, dryly noted “one looks in vain in Dianetics for the modesty usually associated with announcement of a medical or scientific discovery,” and stated that the book had become “the basis for a new cult.”