Cheating, Stealing, Gouging Customers: The World Of London Real Estate

Wow. The latest entry in the Beeb’s Whistleblower series of undercover reporting has blown the real estate market in London wide open.

According to Anna Adams — a reporter who went undercover at British estate agencies such as Foxtons and Time2Move — her 8 month investigation revealed real estate agents forging signatures, securing fake passports, bribery, lying to customers, overvaluing property and collusion with mortgage companies to ascertain exactly how much money could be squeezed dry from their customers.

It’s all straight out of Glengarry Glenn Ross: desperate salesmen lying, stealing and cheating to close the deal, as Mephisto-like management figures gleefully praise those who are amoral enough to succeed while openly humiliating those without the stomach to do “whatever it takes”.

God, I hate this genus of bloodsucking, booyeahing bully so much. I wonder what it would be like shoot a bazooka right into the smarmy, success-driven face of Jon Hunt, head of Foxtons (right). The force and velocity of my spontaneous erection would probably punch a hole clean through my forehead.

Fuck you, Foxtons.

The secret agent [BBC]


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  1. jaba23 says:

    Hello All,
    I’m a former employee of this horrible company. They teach you to lie, cheat and do every injustice to clients under the sun so they can make a buck. The work force is extremely overworked, underpaid and false promised. I can’t wait until this joke of real estate goes under. I have worked for many companys. Foxtons is by far the most unprofessional operation i,ve ever seen. They abuse to no end everyone involved in their operation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It can happen here too.

    I used Mary Bleeker of Koenig & Strey GMAC Real Estate as a Real Estate Agent to purchase a home, because of a family connection. Throughout the process she was very hesitant to negotiate for me, and always made me feel that she was representing the sellers instead of me.

    However, when I finally decided on a house it became a nightmare. As soon as Mary Bleeker got the real estate contract signed she decided that her job was over. Whenever I requested help she said that I should get my real estate lawyer to do the work, even though by law I am not even required to have a real estate lawyer, and she was making a very large commission of over $5,000 while the real estate attorney was working for a fixed fee of around $400.

    Mary Bleeker’s refusal to help made it very difficult to negotiate inspection issues with the seller.

    Finally, before I was about to close on the house it was severely water and mold damaged. If Mary Bleeker was a competent Real Estate Agent she would have told me to walk away, but she did not.

    Instead I was stuck still buying the house, and Mary Bleeker would almost never answer my calls when I was trying to work out the insurance issues related to the water damage. She refused to negotiate any additional discount for the water damage.

    Because of Mary Bleeker’s incompetence I have been left with a water and mold damaged house that I paid too much money for.

    There are a number of competent Real Estate Agents out there, please, for your own good, do not use Mary Bleeker.