World’s Largest Collection of Cigs

We’ve never quite gotten the knack of smoking cigarettes. While friends of ours twirl a zippo across their knuckles like a small blue steel ball spouting flame, then clamp down upon a smoke with the effortless, anti-authoritative sneer of James Dean, the best we can manage is a fag prissily inserted between our pursed lips. When we inhale, we inevitably start coughing, the cigarette goes tumbling out of our mouths and burns its way through our pants. Next thing we know, we’re applying salve to our groins for the next 72 hours.

Still, we’ve held a long fascination with cigarette packs around the world, and we tend to pick up a couple packs in every country we go to. So we were delighted to be directed to the homepage of Igor Surgeev, who has 21,642 cigarette packs from around the world on display.

We could look at these for hours. Some of them are beautifully designed, given that it’s a 20 pack of cancer sticks we’re talking about. The pack to the right looks like it could be a doodle by Ralph Steadman.

The Biggest Collection Of Full Cigarette Packs In The World [Meta-Filter]