Not Safe For Work, this Apple iPod spoof is. It was only a matter of time before someone applied the Apple shadow dancer effect to hardcore porn movies.

As the commercial illustrates, every iPod bought is a stilleto heel upon the face of humanity. But really, we have met the whore, and she is us, for hurtling in droves to purchase substandard media devices so we could listen to compressed versions of songs.

[Adrants via Reverse Cowgirl]


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..Wheee, someone finally said it! MP3’s on ear buds SOUND CRAPPY! There’s been no improvement in the sound of consumer music since the CD exploded onto the market 20+ years ago. But now, lousy players have made a comeback, replacing the old record cracks/pops and omnipresent tape hiss with digital artifacts, muddy bass and lack of clarity.

    (well, OK, DVD audio, but who actually puts out music in this format?)

    …..Man, in the 70s, every kid in college had a rack full of stereo gear! (Not to mention blacklights, lava lamps, strobes and disco balls! And of course the ubiquitous garbage bag full of Mexican weed, and you could buy bongs at the drugstore.) Now it’s a laptop and an ipod, and they’re missing out…