Starforce Is Sorry For Warezing Critic’s Game

Earlier this week we reported on Starforce, a gaming copy-protection company located in the cold, vacant womb of Ex-Soviet Russia, actually encouraging their site visitors to warez a game made by Stardock, a company that had criticized Starforce and its ilk’s heavy-handed DRM methods. They even posted links to where users could download Stardock’s game.

Well, a slight redemption for Starforce: they have apparently apologized to Stardock for, you know, being an anti-warez gaming company that encouraged people to warez a game. As well they should — if your entire business model is about preventing warez, then you go around and encourage people to illegally download games that don’t use your system, you’ve really just skull-fucked your own eye socket there, squandering any credibility that your shitty little company might have.

In the future, Starforce should focus on their other tactic for silencing critics: threatening them with silly little lawsuits

Copy protection follow-up [GalCiv2 Forums] (Thanks, Ben!)
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  1. airship says:

    Uh… you should really correct the sentence that starts “In the future, Stardock…” to say “In the future, Starforce…”. Just so you don’t, like, get sued by the wrong company. :)

  2. airship says:

    You know, when you fix your errors, you should really delete the comments that point them out. Now that your text is right, my comment above makes it look like I’m the idiot, not you. :)

  3. Paul D says:

    If I could skull-fuck my own eye socket…I’d never leave the house.

  4. nweaver says:

    The interesting thing, Stardock is right on their position. They make it EASY to play the game, but actually hard to pirate the game: You really do need the serial # to download patches etc, and they do believe in real patches (ones that add real stuff and not just bug fixes).

    GalCiv II is a really addictive 4x game, and the graphics are gorgeous: The resolution scaling on the interface may seem like a “No duh” subtelty, but it means it looks the same proportionally on 800×600 as on 1600×1280, it just looks BETTER on higher resolutions.

    Note that anyone doing a PC 4x or similar game where you have a 2D overlay of commands/info should probably buy StarDock’s software that they used (its from their business-software side of the company).