Starforce Is Sorry For Warezing Critic’s Game

Earlier this week we reported on Starforce, a gaming copy-protection company located in the cold, vacant womb of Ex-Soviet Russia, actually encouraging their site visitors to warez a game made by Stardock, a company that had criticized Starforce and its ilk’s heavy-handed DRM methods. They even posted links to where users could download Stardock’s game.

Well, a slight redemption for Starforce: they have apparently apologized to Stardock for, you know, being an anti-warez gaming company that encouraged people to warez a game. As well they should — if your entire business model is about preventing warez, then you go around and encourage people to illegally download games that don’t use your system, you’ve really just skull-fucked your own eye socket there, squandering any credibility that your shitty little company might have.

In the future, Starforce should focus on their other tactic for silencing critics: threatening them with silly little lawsuits

Copy protection follow-up [GalCiv2 Forums] (Thanks, Ben!)
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