IHOP Menu’s Money-Shot Maker

A peek through the keyhole into the dark, cloak-and-dagger, roller-disco world of food photography.

[via Adland]


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  1. Paul D says:


    There was a show about this a few years ago.

    Chocolate syrup ads use scooped Crisco instead of ice cream. (Because the ice cream melts under the lights.) Cereal in photos is usually covered in Elmer’s glue instead of milk (to avoid sogginess).

  2. Bubba Barney says:

    I am calling BS on this. It doesn’t strike me as being real. I know food photogs use other stuff besides the actual food for photos, but this seems fake.

  3. Megan Trigg says:

    Well, of course it’s fake. Standing between the subject and the lights in a way that casts shadows on it? Plus, did you *see* the food itself? Far from the perfection they actually achieve in food photography. Also, launching oneself at the subject while taking a photo is pretty much guaranteed to give you a bad photo.

    That doesn’t stop it from being funny as hell.