JetBlu’s Planes No Longer Delayed, Just Red

Gawker Media’s Honorary-and-Most-Valuable-Unpaid-Employee, sent in this pic:

Picture-taker Bucky Turco wrote, “Couldn’t they just say delayed like everyone else? Fuckin flight was an 1 hour and 45 minutes late last night.”

We didn’t quite understand and asked him, “So you find yourself enraged by the color red?” This didn’t seem such a strange proposition having met Bucky and knowing him to be built like a bull.

Bucky replied, “No sir. Actually the lack of transparency. For like 30 years they call that situation: Delayed. There are no green bars for on time are there? Nope, it just says it.”

Yeah, what’s up with that?


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  1. Scott Kidder says:

    I’d rather know when it will be actually taking off then just the fact that it is “delayed.”

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Morgan writes:

    The remark box seems to be indicating the new estimated departure time. Having “Delayed” in that box doesn’t tell you how long it’s delayed by, but that line seems to indicate clearly that the 9 PM flight to West Palm Beach has been delayed until 10:45. Assuming you can figure that out, you’re getting more info than a simple “Delayed.”

    Of course, the line below that also seems to indicate a delay under this theory, unless a remark in red is a delay and a remark in blue is an arrival time or somesuch. JetBlu providing some kind of key would certainly help.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Jeff writes:

    I would think that would be preferred, not a complaint. How does “Delayed” do anything to help the situation? It seems the picture-taker was more upset about the delayed flight and took it out on a completely rational change to a long-standing annoyance.

    Besides, every red bar doesn’t need a green bar nearby to be complete.