JELL-O Ad Tortures Model

This JELL-O ad appeared in the coupons this Sunday. Frankly, it’s horrifying.

What have they done to this poor models legs? No legs are supposed to bend to that degree. Using fiendish implements of torture, they seemed to have moved her knees up a few notches as well. This distinctively unnatural swoop of her booty reveals the telling touch of some sort of death lathe.

“Every diet needs a little wiggle room,” reads the tagline. “JELL-O jiggles, that’s like wiggling, we’ll show her wiggling,” said the ad’s art director, though the effect achieved appears to be more closely akin to “wriggling like an eel on a dock.” A dock made of rich, creamy, chocolatey JELL-O, that is.

Don’t let’s get started on the glories of “Calci-YUM!” We’ll simply say that in a portion of the ad not shown it reads, “JELL-O Pudding Snacks are fortified to be a good source of calcium.” A necessary disclaimer as the organic JELL-O bush does not naturally produce calcium inside its leaves.

WWBCD? What Would Bill Cosby Do? Find out after the jump…

He would save a dollar after buying two packs of JELL-O, motha-sucka!


In a recent statement, Cosby chastized the urban black community for, instead of investing in educational opportunities for their children, wasting all their money on boxes of luxury JELL-O.

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