Must Bookmark: Google IP Maps

You may have always heard how you can geographically pinpoint where an email came from using IP address but now GeoTool makes it possible for the layman.

Simply enter in any IP address and click. The GoogleMaps mashup shows where that IP resides.

In more robust email systems, you can find in your toolbar an option called “view message source” that will help you figure out the IP(s) of the sender(s) (which, for the unitiated come in the format something like, four sets of 1-3 digit numbers seperated by three periods).

Nifty for determining where the spam is coming from, who may have sent you that anonymous piece of hate e-mail, or whether your online customer service has been exported to Pakistan.


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  1. Amy Alkon says:

    I love you Consumerist, I love you, I love you.

  2. x23 says:

    my IP always shows up as being in a city 400 miles south. for awhile it was showing up as being in Boston for some time…. thats a good 4000 miles from me. and as of right now it says Denver. so… your mileage may vary concerning how accurate this info actually is.