CircuitCity Practices Deceptive Rebate Marketing

It all depends on what your definition of, “is a receipt,” is.

M.B. sends us Ms. Young’s detailed report on Circuit City not honoring its advertised rebates. She ordered a cable modem online with a $40 advertised rebate.

Two months later she got a letter saying her rebate was denied because it was an “Invalid Purchase Location,” a caveat that she and Circuit City agree was not disclosed anywhere.

But that was only the beginning, as she learned after a succession of calls to Circuit City where the customer service reps actually hung up on her mid-call.

“It appears that this practice of rejecting otherwise valid rebate submissions continues to date, and that Circuit City is fulling aware and complacent in the practice. I claim that this problem is systemic, and that Circuit City is intentionally practicing deceptive marketing,” writes Ms. Young.

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