Verizon Loses Laptop With Employee Records

Another day, another major American company loses the confidential information of millions of customers or employees.

In this case, it’s Verizon again. Fresh from their 2005 adventure in allowing customers to view other customers’ records through their website, two laptops have been stolen housing an undisclosed number of employee records. Employees were notified on March 1st, but there’s no word yet on when the thefts actually took place. We hope it was more timely than McAffee’s recent disclosure of employee records loss, where they sat on news of the theft for three months until an internal investigation was completed.

What is going on with companies that we trust to keep our transactions and personal details private time and time again betraying that trust with their own incompetence? Do the slate of news stories about record theft and loss indicate a problem that has been long existing but is simply being reported more now? Or is this indicative that companies, entering a new age of technologically-savvy thieves and online commercial transactions, are simply not up to speed in how to do business in a new world of commercial transactions?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Link: Laptops Containing Verizon Employee Data Are Stolen
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