Round 13: US Government vs. ChoicePoint

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Allegations about ChoicePoint here.


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  1. Oh, for god’s sakes, people – The United States Government is NOT a frickin’ company.

  2. mrscolex says:

    Crikey. I hope ChoicePoint wins this one…

    Agreed with comment above. This “contest” of sorts would end rather lame if the government stood on top of the “worst company” list.

  3. Chris H says:


  4. blakewest says:

    I like how they’ve used the Presidential Seal for the US Government instead of the flag or whatever. The current executive came in saying that they wanted to run government more like a company. I think they must be proud to have made it this far in the race. It just goes to show that they’ve achieved something of a corporate reputation.

  5. mrscolex says:

    Blake: This much is true, however, what is the end game going to be? The US Government versus Halliburton? Completely ridiculous. What ChoicePoint, Monsanto, and Halliburton all had in common is that they’re arms of the government– private tools that the government uses.

    Sure the government is at fault, but the government is not a company. We the people can change the government if we need to, but we’re powerless against the ways those companies are utilized.

    If we’re to tally the results of the winners then I think we’re making a pretty clear statement that the American people in general do not think highly of the corporate lapdogs to the government. Thusly, a vote cast against the privatized hydras of the government is a much more meaningful vote.

    There was a lot of criticism when the ladder was started about some weird mash-up but it seems to me that it’s worked out rather interestingly.

    Ben: Did you ever hear back from NPR or get interviewed?

  6. flyover says:

    Whatevs. For me to have to link to allegations because I have never heard of a company before makes me vote for the government. I don’t think I have been alive to see a US government that wasn’t a horrible ‘company’. It makes no difference the administration.
    They are evil to their employees, to their clients, to their competitors, and to their shareholders…
    There are others I may vote for instead of the US Govt, but Choicepoint is not one.

  7. Brian Gee says:

    Hmm… Evil or Incompetent… incompetent or evil. .. so hard to decide.

    But yeah, a USG vs Halliburton final would absurd. I mean, the gov’t would just give them the win anyway, uncontested.

  8. mrscolex says:

    I’ll bite.

    Flyover: Rather than make an informed decision you would rather just click whats directly in front of you?

    For the sake of informed discourse, lets analyze how government is evil by your standards.


    Theres the list of many of the perk benefits that government employees are able to receive. Everyone knows that working for the government puts you at the top rung of “company” benefits, even if the salaries don’t equal the private sector they often time are equaled out by the benefits you receive.


    How do we determine a government client? ChoicePoint and Halliburton seemed to certainly be reaping benefits. Countries that we trade with? Our consumerism is responsible for the vast westernization of China thats currently taking place. If you were to equate global countries as our “clients” then the the entire world economy hinges on American prosperity. Remember last time we had our economic “recession” it was shared by Japan and England and numerous other countries who feel that same crunch.


    If you are calling the government a company, and you are accusing the government of being evil to its competitors– then isn’t that an admirable trait in a company? Oftentimes the privatized “competitors” run circles around the government in many regards– which is why the government ends up contracting most of its grunt work to other companies.


    Another commentator pointed out in a previous thread that the government is a malleable entity. The “Shareholders” have a responsibility to mold this entity into what they want– since its a representative republic occasionally the shareholders do get screwed, especially when the government chooses lobbies and interest groups to represent. Although I personally consider this a flaw, I don’t necessarily consider it an evil flaw but certainly a misbalance of power.

  9. mrscolex says:

    ok playing dirty now…

    Derek Smith, CEO of ChoicePoint…

    “It is the anonymous person, or small group of people, who represent the greatest risks – economic, physical or emotional – facing us today.”

    Read the article here:

    I hope you’ll find it enlightening.