Detroit Exec Rants At Consumer Reports

Detroit car manufacturers are infuriated that none of their smoking heaps were named in Consumer Reports’ 2006 top ten list of vehicles, yielding this astonishing rant from General Motors executive Lori Green:

“[Consumer Reports is] the most unprofessional group of people I have ever worked with… They are totally nonobjective and go to great extremes to paint a picture for their paid subscription readers, who primarily buy Japanese cars. They don’t consider price or price differences, they don’t consider model mix or consumer preferences, they buy the cheapest car they can find and then base all their opinions on a limited sample.”

First of all, the word is subjective. Second – Consumer Reports isn’t objective because they base their top ten list on getting the most bang for your buck? They don’t consider price, yet tend to recommend the cheapest cars? What?

Nine out of ten consumers don’t read Jalopnik: they don’t care to know what the best bang for your $500,000 bucks is. What they want to know is what car is the best value… and, we’re sorry, but “value” does subjectively tend to mean “cheap, high-quality and reliable”. Lori, we notice your rant doesn’t mention that GM’s cars are cheap, high-quality and reliable… which is probably why you won’t be on the 2007 top 10 list either.

Link: Detroit Fuming Over Consumer Reports Top Ten Picks