Hybrid Cars = Bad Investments

Consumer Affairs has a summary up on Consumer Reports’ latest article examining the cost benefits of hybrid electricity/gasoline cars.

Although the vehicles tended to score quite well on performance and fuel efficiency, the bad news is that the price premium on these vehicles is prohibitively high. Consumer Reports notes that after five years, the average owner of a hybrid has not recouped the premium on gasoline savings, and this holds true even if you push out the time line to ten years.

This was all based upon the forecast that US gas prices may very well rise to $3 and $4 a gallon… if the price of gasoline stays lower, it would be even longer. Which means that the only reason to own one of these cars right now is as a statement, either political, environmental or social, but certainly not for good consumer value. It appears the hybrid isn’t quite all the way there yet.

Link: Consumer Reports Sizes Up Hybrid Costs

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