Software Syncs Crappy Non-iPods with iTunes

We don’t have an iPod. We have a first-generation Dell DJ. Compared to the design of the opalescent obelisk ubiquitously clutched in every hipster’s hand, the Dell DJ is striking. It looks exactly as if Soviet super-scientists invented a time machine, traveled to the future, copped on to the inherently socialist nature of the music trading scene, and — traveling back to their own era — attempted to make their own mp3 player out of a two-inch plate of Soviet-grade titanium tank plating. Fifty years later, found about a million of these in an abandoned Muscovite silo, dusted them off, formatted “Lenin’s Greatest Hits” off the hard drive and sold them as is, to idiots like probably-not-you but definitely-royal-‘we’.

This has made syncing our Dell DJ with our iTunes collection a bit of a bitch. So we were pleased to find Lifehacker’s luscious apparati reporting on iTunesAgent, a system-tray syncer between iTunes and whatever crappy iPod “killer” you got suckered into buying.

We post this because we just know that some of our savvy Consumerist readers have had philosophical objections to Apple’s DRM policies, decided to take a stand, bought a Zen Nomad and have been sliding down the slippery slope right into iTunes’ Sarlaac-like maw ever since.

Link: iTunes Agent

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